Участники группы:
Guitar - Corentin Wicht
Guitar - Jonathan Hohl
Drum - Nathan Gros
Bass - Julien Vonlanthen

Родной город:
Fribourg (ville suisse)

Краткое описание:
"hubris." is an instrumental post-rock band, based in Switzerland.

Дата создания: 2014.

О группе:
Hubris is an instrumental post-rock band from Fribourg, Switzerland.
This quartet, originally founded in 2014, resulted in the combination of the four different musical approaches of the musicians. They recently released their very first album called "Emersion", as well as opened for Jakob (NZ) for their release party.

Связь: hubrisbooking / @ /

After two months spending hours every day in the studio, trying to make it sound as best as we could. It was definitely worth the uncountable hours. We are all fond of the result and we had so much fun composing it. All we hope is that you guys can share some of the strongest emotions we've felt in the making of this album. Not only this album reflects what we have been aiming at in terms of music style, yet it also reflects our personalities as human beings. And last but not least, it made us aware of how much we loved to play with each other. This album is for us the evidence of a true friendship that bound us to a common core for the next years.
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