Neko Nine - Summer is you (2011)

Neko Nine - Summer is you (2011)

Info: Mp3 320Kbps
Genre: Post-Rock / Post-Metal
Size: 92 Mb

01. Breathe in
02. Some people are not like me
03. Summer is you
04. What can you feel when the day dies
05. Supernova
06. NeverNeverNever
07. Ayumu (interlude)
08. Let me explode
09. I wanted to be
10. Breathe out
11. My stars I – Shining
12. My stars II – Colours of your little universe
13. My stars III – My stars so cold
14. My stars IV – Birds come home

Band members:
Seva Shaposhnikov (aka Neko) - guitars, keyboards, samples, vocals

Ilya Matveev (aka Joker 665) – vocals (12)
Elena Guseva (aka Siren) – vocals (14)

Neko Nine is the one-man-band from Yaroslavl, Russia. The only member of this band is Seva “Neko” Shaposhnikov. Music by Neko Nine combines post-metal, post-rock, hardcore, rock-ambient, electronic.
Neko Nine project started in 2009. At that days Seva played in punk and alternative rock bands but he wanted to do some instrumental music. In spring 2010 he released the “My stars” EP as Neko. These 4 post-rock tracks were taken with favor by the auditory and made Neko known. After that the project was hold up for about a year. In spring 2011 Seva continued producing instrumental tracks and started planning a long play album.
“Summer is you” came out more emotional and hard. In fact it is rather post-metal than post-rock. The album consists of two parts: 10 new tracks in the first one and 4 remastered tracks from “My stars” EP in the second.

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