California Smile (Discography 2008-2011)

California Smile (Discography 2008-2011)

2008 - A Secret Message From Your TeethCalifornia Smile (Discography 2008-2011)
01. Erecting Nero Mountain
02. Half Of The Earth In The Shadow Of The Other Half
03. Known Catone
04. The Motherbrain
05. Wow! A Secret Message From Your Teeth
06. A Woman Comes Along
07. Blue House Of Dolores
08. Join Me In This Pot Of Gold
09. Harmonies From Magic Dust
10. Got Swallowed By England Violence
11. Pregnant By The Wind
California Smile (Discography 2008-2011)

2009 - Roof Came Off House

01. Sermons From Snakes
02. To Hares To Air With
03. The Maple Shittean
04. The Man Who Claps The Fastest
05. Postmaster
06. My Fruit

2011 - Things Not Worth SavingCalifornia Smile (Discography 2008-2011)
01. Biberdiboo
02. On and on
03. Monday
04. Burn my body
05. The Gore-Tex people
06. A bit to bitter
07. Al the young misfits
08. The way out
09. Just around the corner
10. The only way to eliminate fascism
11. Scream it away

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